HCUCF 2022 Financial Wellness Task Force

The Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation (HCUCF) has a strategy to lead programs that address financial equity and the wellbeing of credit union members in Missouri and Kansas. This task force, comprised of HCUA member credit unions’ financial wellness professionals, guides and supports HCUCF staff in the development of financial wellness initiatives for the region. The task force is an engaged group of credit union employees who serve as a think tank for vetting programs and will support new initiatives. 

Task force outcomes: 

  • Research practices, programs, and products that foster financial wellbeing for all. 
  • Develop initiatives that foster financial wellbeing for marginalized and disinvested communities.
  • Collaborate across the region and with system partners to lead programs with measurable impact. 

The 2022 task force will: 

  • Meet regularly to evaluate and develop potential financial wellness initiatives (TBD, virtual). 
  • Join HCUCF staff at the CU FinHealth conference and collaborate with national experts.
  • Recommend initiatives to the HCUCF board and support implementation of any programs. 

Task Force Timeline: 

April Pre-conference virtual meeting and attend CU FinHealth in San Antonio, TX in April 25-27. 
May Debrief, prioritize needs in the region, and identify potential pilot projects and programs. 
June – August Research and narrow down potential needs to be addressed and present to foundation board. 
September – December Create and support the future implementation of financial wellness initiatives. Serve as ambassadors to peers and credit unions to generate buy in and drive participation. 


Questions? Email Beth Falkenstein.

HCUCF Financial Wellness Task Force

 Full NameCredit Union
Angie MeutenMeritrust Credit Union
Chris WolgamottMeritrust Credit Union
James MerrimanMazuma Credit Union
Katie BeachAzura Credit Union
Kelly O. GuentherTogether Credit Union
Marina GakhutishviliVantage Credit Union
Stephanie DreilingHeartland Credit Union